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Love  letters  and  kinds  words

Stacey has a way of capturing not only my children's smiles, but also their              . We were lucky enough to find Modern Tribe Photography a few of years ago, which has meant that Stacey has been our go-to for my maternity, newborn and 1st birthday photoshoots, not just once, but twice over!  Now we're looking forward to Stacey doing what she does best for our wedding day!

- Camilla, Jamie, Bonnie & Ted



I couldn't recommend Stacey more! Her studio is                  and welcoming and for us, it felt like home from home. We are in love with the images and can't stop looking at them. Our problem now is deciding which ones to get printed!

Thank you again Stacey xx

- Lisa, Kyle & Baby Lewis

What can I say! Stacey is incredible at what she does!

A most mums know, the newborn bliss stage can be a bit of a blur and goes by SO fast - thankfully we found Modern Tribe Photography and we have the beautiful images that Stacey took, which are an absolute joy to look back on.

She is so talented at capturing the tiny details, the perfect imperfections, and the                               that motherhood brings. 

The little things that could be so easily forgotten if we didn't have our photos. Those over exaggerated baby yawns and Tabitha's delicate little fingers. 

Thanks to Stacey, we have                                     

immortalised in really natural and candid way. Our photos will be cherished forever!

- Jessica, Kelly, & Baby Tabitha

Raw emotion

Forever moments

I was feeling really nervous about having my maternity shoot, but Stacey was so friendly, she made me feel instantly                    . I was worried that I would look awkward and not know what to do with my hands - Luckily Stacey has a brilliant sense of humour and soon had me laughing, which then allowed her to snap away at me without really realising.  The photo's are truly lovely - I highly recommend Modern Tribe Photography! 

-Emily & Baby Matthews


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