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  • How much are your newborn sessions?
    Newborn sessions are priced at £350.00. This includes a 2-3 hour studio session, family images and all your digitals are included in the price.
  • Why do Newborn shoots cost more than other sessions?
    These sessions can be anything from 2-3 hours long and with this extended session comes a significant increase in post-production editing. Think baby drool, snot bubbles, feeding time, naps etc. This all needs factoring in, in order to capture those heart-melting moments!
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! With Newborn & Wedding sessions, a payment plan across 3 installments is possible. In order to secure a plan, clients will be required to book a session in advance with the first payment payable upon booking. Final payment to be due 24 hours before the session date.
  • Why are newborn shoots only availlable until baby is 14 days old?
    This is because once a baby reaches 14 days old, they become much more alert, their limbs start to straighten out and they are less likely to curl up like they would when they were in your tummy. So, they don’t NEED to be under 14 days old, but if you are looking to achieve maximum cuteness then this is the best time. Beyond the 14 days, you will also find they squirm around a fair bit and love to pull some interesting (but adorable) faces. This can make the photoshoot slightly more challenging, however you would still get a stunning gallery from your session.
  • What is included in my session?
    My ethos is that you shouldn’t have any hidden costs or surprises with photography, or be in a position where you are unable to afford all of the photos. As such, the full digital gallery is included in every single package.
  • Where are you located?
    I am currently located at Wroxham Barns, Tunstead Rd, Norfolk. It is a beautiful old barn which is within a precinct of shops. Wroxham Barns has a café and junior farm onsite. You can easily turn your photoshoot into a wonderful family day out and make some great memories!
  • What shall I wear? What should I dress the children in?
    I ask my clients to wear neutral colours for a photoshoot. Ideally, I would have all littles in white or creams, but greys and muted colours can also work well. Keeping it simple is best to achieve a timeless look. Avoid: bright colours, mismatch, patterns, animals, logos etc.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me to the photoshoot?
    If you use a pacifier for your newborn – please bring that. Please bring another neutral outfit for everyone involved, just in case it is required. This gives an alternate ensemble option as well as providing a back-up for any accidents.
  • What is lifestyle photography?
    Lifestyle photography is best described as fly-on-the-wall. I capture real moments and real emotions, and this candid approach makes all my sessions natural and relaxed. This might look something like : capturing feeding, tiny yawns, looks of love, natural newborn positioning, no posing, cuddles, laughs, and all the little details.
  • Where can I find your pricelist?
    You will find this under ‘Services’ on the main menu – I also offer some excellent packages, so be sure to check those out too.
  • I am worried about my toddler not sitting still during the session!
    There is no structure and littles are not expected to sit still – that is the fantastic bit about the studio – I have designed it so that I can snap away wherever they are. They are not forced to sit on a paper backdrop. As a mum, I can’t think of anything worse or more stressful than trying to get a little one who likes to explore, to stay in one place. This is also why I adopt a lifestyle approach to my work. The session gallery is like a little story. They play and I get some lovely photos – win win.
  • When will I receive my gallery?
    Your online gallery will be delivered within 14 days and during this time I keep my clients updated with where I am at in the edit stage.
  • Do you do location shoots?
    Absolutely! Location shoots bring a completely different vibe to the photos and most clients book a studio and then follow up some time later with a location session. I also offer newborn photography and family sessions within your home (COVID restrictions apply).
  • Do you offer wedding photography?
    Yes! I offer elopement and UK photography. Please contact me for a copy of the full wedding brochure, including prices and avilability. I am fully booked for 2021 as I only offer a certain number of wedding bookings to ensure the special couple receive my undivided attention. If you are getting married in 2022 & 2023, I would love to hear from you!
  • Where can I get my photos printed?
    Currently, I outsource my printing to a professional company. I am able to get quotes for all my clients for this service. If you are looking to source your own printing, I highly recommend using a reputable company and avoid kiosk printing from your phone.
  • What shall I do once I receive my gallery?
    SAVE SAVE SAVE. Please make sure you do this within 14 days of receipt. Save them to a laptop or device and back up with a second save on an external hard-drive if possible.
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