Hi, welcome to my little studio tour!

My name is Stacey Barrett and I am the proud owner of this beautiful studio space at Wroxham Barns, Norfolk.

For so long now, I have dreamed about having a beautiful airy white studio and here it is.

It is everything I dreamed of, and more. When i first went to view the space, I could immediately see the potential and how could I ever walk away from it without it being mine!

When designing the space, it was super important to me that it has this lovely natural feel to it. So, as the space is very white, I wanted to bring in the wicker & wood to make it feel cosy. Its so in-keeping with my vibe. I am a minimalist, but I have real soft spot for bohemian accents. I feel like this really captures both.

You won't find much colour in the studio....

Every piece of linen, drape, wraps, fabrics, props are all neutral in colour. I am a firm believer that if you add too much colour, props, and busy backgrounds, then you distract the attention and focus away from what really matters - you, and your family! And can we just appreciate how stunning these light colours look.

One colour i can accept is green. Plants have a place in my studio. They contribute to the natural, tranquil space I have created. This huge beautiful palm from Valley of Flowers, is one of my favourite pieces in the studio. I am a bit obsessed with dried flowers/plants at the moment.


I wanted to create a space that would allow those little toes to wander around and explore the space and still allow me to get the shots. I don't like restricting little ones to just standing on a white paper backdrop, so that can be pretty much anywhere in the studio and I still have the background I need - which is great.

Most children that come into the studio make themselves right at home - this instantly makes mum and dad comfortable and it a good recipe for great photos! They usually head straight over to the little house and explore whats inside and the shoot progresses from there. If your child is exploring and having fun -I am able to get some of the most incredibly beautiful natural photos of them. Which is of course, always my aim!

Thank you exploring my studio with me - I hope to see you soon

Stacey Barrett x x

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