Beach Shoot with the little babes

On the odd occasion, I manage to get some snaps of my darling daughter Indi, and my partners daughter, Elsie. COVID has really changed my perspective on many things - I have watched Indi grow so much since March, its been really wonderful being able to just put all my energy and attention into her, but I know normal life must resume. The slower paced life is certainly something I aspire to have, but I also cannot ignore this burning desire to pursue my passion - photography. I will happily be busy for that because I love it so much.

Horsey Beach

I highly recommend a visit

The cutest little Norfolk beach which has so many seals. The girls loved it, and its much better than its neighbouring beach sea-palling (which is always heaving!)

Often people assume that you need a really sunny day for a shoot - in fact, cloudy and overcast days are the best.

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